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Marketing Opportunities on Fine Art America -- Pinterest

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Marketing Opportunities on Fine Art America -- Pinterest

I’m sure you’ve heard it: “Pinterest is THE place to market your work! People buy products based upon a pin they’ve seen.”

Perhaps this is true; perhaps this isn’t; like many statements to do with marketing it contains an element of truth as well as that of exaggeration. There is, however, one thing to consider: it’s desirable to have your pins pinned by someone other than you.

After all, that’s why we strive to be on group boards, isn’t it? We want our pins to be someplace where they can gain greater exposure, and be seen by more people. A major factor of group boards is some sort of group sharing, and many have rules that, if you are going to pin there, you reciprocate by sharing the pins of others.

At Fine Art America, there are a number of mutual promotion Pinterest discussions, and they essentially work like this (I’m assuming that you have a basic acquaintance with Pinterest, know how to pin a pin, and have a board or boards where you can pin other people’s pins):

Go to the group’s discussion page that has to do with Pinterest Sharing. As an example, here is the Pinterest Pin 5 Discussion in the Comment for Comment Group (I'm sorry -- I can't appear to make the links live):

Scroll down to the bottom where it says Post Reply/Message. In another window, go to your Pinterest page and grab a link to the Pin you want other artists to promote. For example, here’s one of mine:

Paste your pin link in the Post Reply/Message section in the Pinterest Pin 5 Discussion and hit Post Reply. This will make your link live so that the artists following you in the discussion can see it.

Now, go to the five links before yours, open them (they should lead to Pinterest links; you can open mine, above, to see what this will look like), and save each one to one of your boards. Many artists create a special board for these links, along the lines of, “Pins from other artists,” or “Fine Art America artists.” I personally save pins to several of my boards, including “Art in your life,” “Photography,” and “Household items.” (Note: do NOT save other artist pins to group boards to which you belong unless you own the group or have permission to do so.)

The five artists following you on the thread will pin your pin onto one of their boards.

Each Pinterest mutual sharing thread has different minimums of pins they ask you to share, and you are always free to exceed the minimum. At the top of each discussion thread is an explanation of how it works, written by the person who developed the thread. Take time to read each one of these to become familiar with their unique requirements.

Here are the various Pinterest mutual sharing groups I presently know of on Fine Art America (if you know of or discover others, please write the link in the comments.)

1) Pinterest Pin Five in Comment for Comment. The link is above. This discussion invites you to come back as often as you like as long as there are five pins between your pins.

2) Pinterest Repin Game in the Art District Group:
This discussion is open for a new pin every 24 hours, with your pinning all pins that have been posted in a 24-hour period prior to your pin entry.

3) Pin me! In the Beauty in Art Group:
In this discussion, you pin the two pins prior to yours.

4) Share the Pinterest Love in Travel Art:
In this discussion, you pin the two pins prior to yours.

5) Primarily Pinning in FAA Pixels All Stars:
In this discussion, you pin the two pins prior to yours.

6) Share the Pinterest Love RePin Thread on the general Discussions page:
In this discussion, you pin the three pins prior to yours.

If you participate in more than one group, it’s wise to provide different pin links, as many of the same people participate in several threads. You don’t want them to re-pin the same pin, in the same place.

If you know of an active Pinterest sharing group on FAA that is not on this list, please share it in the comment section so that more people may discover it.

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