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Marketing Opportunities on Fine Art America

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Marketing Opportunities on Fine Art America

Marketing art is not easy, fast, quick, or predictable. If it were any of those things, artists as a whole would earn incomes like senators or stock brokers.

If you’ve been on Fine Art America for any length of time, you’ve probably run into the disgruntled artist who announces they are leaving the place because they haven’t made any sales. The general response to them ranges from sympathetic to brutal, with a composite message looking along the lines of,

“Quit whining. You’ve got to market yourself. Get out there on social media. Start a blog. Get your name in a magazine. Hand out business cards.”

It’s true you have to market yourself. It’s also true that this is extremely difficult, especially for regular, ordinary people who don’t have the cash flow of an international corporation. So, as regular, ordinary people, we have to get creative.

And the good news is, on Fine Art America there are a number of opportunities – through the discussions in various groups – to market your art. What stops a lot of artists is that these opportunities are mutual – meaning that, while other artists will share your work on their social media sites, you are expected to do the same for them.

“I don’t want to sell somebody else’s art; I want to sell my own,” is the knee-jerk response.

That’s too bad, because mutual promotion can be a good thing, with individual artists being able to “tap into” a larger base of social media contacts than what they could do on their own. The “payment” for this added exposure, instead of being money for an ad, is promoting another artist. (Remember, at the same time, another artist is promoting you.)

I’m a relative newbie on Fine Art America, having recently celebrated my 2-year anniversary. In that time, I have participated in a number of mutual promotion opportunities available through Fine Art America, and I am pleased with the results. Sales have been good, and my goal is to make them constantly better.

In this short series of upcoming blog articles, I’d like to share with you the various mutual promotion groups I’ve found, in the hopes that you, too, will consider joining them. After all, the more people who participate, the greater the pool of potential people we all can reach.

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